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full name date of birth + age resides occupation status sexual + romantic orientation ruby camille harding august 28 1986 + 29 sleepy hollow, ny bartender at o'sullivans taken kinsey 1

Ruby Harding wasn't named simply because of her red hair. In fact, if her parents, Stacy and Alexander, had known how much she'd be teased because of it, they'd probably think differently. Her father was a ginger, but there was no guarantee, although highly likely, he'd have a redheaded child. Regardless, on August 28th, 1986, Ruby came out kicking and screaming, red hair blazing to match her already chosen name. She didn't have any siblings, and wouldn't have any to look forward to either. Her father was constantly having to move as a result of his job, and the family didn't stick to one place until Ruby was five and ready for school, when they settled in Sleepy Hollow, New York. By then, they figured that one was enough. Especially given how much Ruby acted up as a child. She came out screaming, and had no problem with being vocal. They couldn't go into a restaurant without her making a scene, so they rarely did until she was around the age of three. The Hardings were incredibly religious people, and sheltered Ruby from a lot of things. She wasn't allowed to watch anything but rated G or PG movies, and shows they approved of. She would often watch them anyway, at friends' houses, however. Her parents were none the wiser, and Ruby, at an early age, learned how to be sneaky should she want to do something her parents didn't think she should.

It wasn't until she was in high school that she got even more rebellious. She'd tell her parents she was spending the night at a friend's house, only to go to a party. If she got too drunk, she'd just call them and ask if she could spend one more night there. Her parents knew friends' parents, and they didn't think much of it. During her senior year, she'd say the same thing, and sneak over to a boyfriend's house, which really would have been bad news should she have ever been caught.

In college, she partied and hung out with boys even more, but once she got into her sophomore year, she met a guy named Ethan who would cause her to want to settle down a bit. He won her over completely, and quickly. She stayed with him past graduation, and even moved with him to another city. They moved in together, which her parents were never aware of. She always insisted on driving down to see them, and if they had to come down, she would use every excuse in the world just to avoid having them see the apartment they thought she lived in. She was sure they were starting to catch on, but they never said anything. Luckily, they did like Ethan, so maybe that helped. Eventually, things fell apart between Ruby and Ethan. She found out he'd been cheating on her, and she had to pick back up and try and carry on. It was her first real heartbreak, but Ruby was determined to move on and be independent. It proved a little harder than she thought, and moved back to Sleepy Hollow to be close to her parents. She still lives on her own now, but her mom will make her the occasional meal or two. They don't approve of her choice in career, but they've resigned themselves to the fact that she's older, and can make her own choices. But Ruby didn't go to college just to end up bartending, and doesn't want to do it forever.


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